Brazilian Cyclist Lifts Car Out Of A Bike Path With His Bare Hands

Video footage has gone viral of a man in Brazil lifting a car out of the way of a bike lane with his bare hands.

Fascinating footage of a cyclist in Brazil lifting a car out of a bike path has been circulating the internet with more than 1 million Youtube views since it was posted just yesterday.

The clip runs for about half a minute and shows a man who got off of his bicycle and lifted up the rear end of a Fiat Uno Mille to pivot it out of the path’s way so that he could proceed down the path on his bike.

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In the video, a crowd begins to gather around the man and cheers him on as he’s shifting the vehicle with his bare hands. After the car is out of the way, the man simply hops back on his bike and rides away.

Nearly 600 comments have been posted to the original video uploaded by Youtube user Joe Loreto. Some commenters refer to the man in the video as the “Incredible Hulk,” the “Strongest Man in the World” and applaud him for taking matters into his own hands to clear the way for himself and other cyclists.

There are some criticisms that the Fiat he picked up is a small, lightweight car and “anyone” could have lifted it. Regardless of the size of the car or the strength of the man, it wasn’t just anyone who took the initiative to make such a bold move. 

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