Father And Son Allegedly Stole $40,000 Worth Of Hot Wings From Work

In a foiled attempt to start an entrepreneurial family venture, a father and son allegedly stole orders of chicken wings from a restaurant they both worked at and re-sold them on the street.

The wing-craze has just been taken to a whole new level. A father-son duo from New York has been accused of stealing more than $40,000 worth of chicken wings and re-selling them for profit.

Paul and Joshua Rojek allegedly billed about $41,000 of chicken wing orders to the Twin Trees Two Restaurant’s business account over the course of a nine month period. The two worked as cooks for the establishment, according to Syracuse.com.

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Upon picking up the orders, the pair would re-sell them on the street and to other restaurants for a reduced priced. They reportedly covered their tracks by destroying and withholding the sales transactions receipts for the orders.

Paul, 56, and Joshua, 33, each face being charged with grand larceny in the third degree and falsifying business records in the first degree.

In theory, the plan was pure genius … especially considering it was concocted by two restaurant cooks. However, their lucrative scam has indeed fallen apart, as most half-witted schemes do. 

Nice try, guys. 

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