The Heartbreaking Moment A Man Hears His Dead Son’s Heart Beating – In Another Person’s Body

His son died tragically young, but saved a veteran from certain death.

When he was 16, Matt Heisler registered to be an organ donor. And at 21, he died tragically in a house fire.

Tom Meeks, a veteran who served in Vietnam, was diagnosed in 2011 with amyloidosis, a rare disease that would require him to receive a heart transplant. He had been waiting for a heart and had been rejected from five different hospitals until finally, someone’s heart was in the right place.

Meeks received Heisler’s heart in a successful transplant. The video above captures Jared Heisler hearing his son’s heartbeat in another man.

It’s quite an out of body experience, and as Matt’s dad says while tearing up, “That’s awesome.”

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