Finally, An Ice Bucket Challenge That's Actually Funny

The next time you see someone attempting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, please do what this father did.

As great as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge campaign has been for raising money, it is only a marginally fun activity. The only reason why it became as big as it did was because of all the celebrities who took part in it.

All the fun to be had from the challenge lost its pleasure after almost everyone on Facebook and Instagram got in on it. The Internet has been flooded with Ice Bucket Challenge videos, but what was missing was a truly funny video. That is, until now.

This ice bucket video is about a Spanish-speaking teenager who looks all set to accomplish the meaningless challenge that thousands have accomplished before him. Just before the kid was about to dump the bucket on his head, his dad – who had been observing it in the background – planted a huge slap on the back of his head for wasting a precious resource: water.

The child abuse angle aside, the slap is oddly satisfying and most definitely hilarious. We only wish that somebody did the same to all the celebrities who are littering the Internet with their Ice Bucket Challenge videos.

It's time to stop, guys.

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