5-Year-Old Can't Believe it As He Drifts With Race-Car Driver Dad

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a race-car driver as your dad? Watch this adorable video and find out.

The father-son duo in the video above from Kazakhstan have a yearly bonding ritual of going drifting.

Race-car driver Toxa Avdeyev has taken his son Timofey drifting every year since he was 3 years old and makes it a point to upload a following video on YouTube. The videos have attracted an estimate of 5.5 million views where the adorable little boy is seen strapped into a car seat, screaming his lungs out, while having the time of his life.

The latest video already has more than 82,000 hits, showing 5-year-old Timofey moving from side to side in his car seat as his cool dad drifts around in a blue sports car.

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A comment left by a viewer said:  “I hope in a few years you will have changed places, that’s when it will be interesting to look at you.”

The video ends with a thumbs-up and high-five, and Avdeyev being known as the “coolest dad ever.”

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