Fearless Farmer Saves His Crops By Digging A Fire Line With His Tractor To Stop The Fire (VIDEO)

This is one brave farmer who knows how to fight for what’s his. Instead of panicking.

Eric Howard a daring farmer in Weld County, Colorado used his tractor to dig a fire line in an attempt to save his crops from a spreading fire.

The fire burned an estimated 20-30 acres in the 80 acre field but the fearless and hard working man saved most of it.

Here’s how Redditors reacted to his efforts:


It's called disking...you're basically trying to create a mineral break (bare soil = no fuel) between the fire and unburned fuels. It's basic preparation (when an option) before an Rx fire. Wildland firefighters, country folks, and definitely country farmers know this. The issue is the updraft (from heat) and surface-level winds tossing firebrands across the mineral break. When a wildland fire gets big, it creates its own weather and things get more complicated, more uncertain. Also, attacking a headfire as opposed to a flank is one of the most dangerous things in wildland firefighting. Many great and knowledgeable folks have perished in the attempt.
Edit: I should add he's addressing a backing fire. With steady winds, there's less danger albeit, it's still very hot. You can see him sense the heat and divert course maybe 2/3rds though the video.


This makes me sad... He's just trying to save what he can.


This is depressing. As if they didn't have to work hard enough.

Where several others were asking if it worked in his favor or not, [–]ARCHA1C commented:

‘Looks like it worked,’ and the link opens to the following image:

 [–]Aveman625 commented:

Did anyone else want to clap at the end?

And we agree.

Fire Line With His Tractor To Stop The Fire

Check out Eric digging a fire line in this helicopter footage above.

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