This Video Proves Piranhas Totally Deserve Their Fearsome Reputation

Whoever thinks people freak out unnecessarily over piranhas needs to watch this.

Feeding piranhas in a river in Brazil

Most people came to know of piranhas when that bad movie Piranhas 3D came out in 2010.

Surely, a chick flick that desperately used nudity and hot girls to lure in viewers must have exaggerated the meat-eating, fearsome reputation of these toothy fish.

Well, they did exaggerate a bit but not as much as you'd expect, as a new video out of Brazil has just shown.

It shows some fishermen feeding piranhas in a river. Everything looks quiet in the beginning, but as soon as they drop some large chunks of meat into the river, the movement below gets crazy.

A bunch of piranhas instantly turn up to the surface and devour the meat pretty much with the same ferocity that was shown on the big screen.

Now, they may not reduce a human intruder into a meatless skeleton within seconds, but after watching the video above, it's clear that piranhas are no joke. They don't play nice, and you don't want to be anywhere near during their feasting time.

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