"Nerdy Girl" Fights Muay Thai Trainers And This Happens

Germaine Yeap proves that looks can be deceiving. Beware!

Going undercover as a “nerdy girl,” Germaine Yeap, Malaysia’s Women's Muay Thai Champion, decided to play a prank on some martial arts trainers at a local gym.

She asked two professional kickboxers to fight her in the ring. The men appeared a little hesitant at first but eventually agreed.

As Germaine threw weak punches at her opponents, the guys showed off their skills – often mocking the seemingly weak beginner.

One of them even tells Yeap, “I just don't want to hurt you,” as she replies, “I don't think you'll hurt me, it'll be safe.”

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After she is showered with dozens of punches, the video cuts towards the part where Germaine unleashes her powers, beating one of the trainers to the ground. She then bends over the groaning man and politely asks, “Do you need a break?”

Their reactions are worth watching.

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If the video seems familiar, there's a good reason why. This video was created by the same YouTube channel, maxman.tv, that created the viral driving prank where a professional female stunt driver shocked her unsuspecting dates with her insane driving skills.