Listen Up 'White America,' These Kids From Ferguson Have Something Important To Say To You

This is what a some African-American kids from Ferguson, Missouri, have to say to 'white America.' And to anyone who thinks that racism doesn’t exist.

A month after 18-year-old teen Michael Brown was shot dead by police Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, tensions in the embattled city haven’t died down.

Uncertainty surrounding the shooting caused a great deal of frustration among the locals who claimed Brown’s death was a result of racist violence and that the American police forces racially discriminate against their targets.

However, not everyone shared this view.

During the Ferguson riots, a number of people alleged that Brown’s shooting had nothing to do with racism. Some went as far as saying that he was rather a criminal than a victim and that the protesters were playing the “race card” to highlight a problem that doesn’t exist.

For all such folks in denial, six kids from Ferguson have the following message:

“Racism is not over, but I’m over racism.”

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FCKH8 – a for-profit online T-shirt retailer “with an activist heart and a passionate social change mission” – created the video.

The company recruited six young black kids from Ferguson, reportedly from the same block where Brown was fatally shot.

According to its website, FCKH8 donates $5 out of every $13 dollars spent on T-shirts to charities working to fight racism.

Watch the Ferguson kids explaining race issues in the video posted above.

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