Mexican Fans Troll Argentine Supporters In The Most Epic Way

This has to be the most epic troll of all times, especially for the FIFA World Cup. The victims, unfortunately, probably didn’t realize what hit them.

A group of Mexican fans apparently decided  to have a bit of fun at the expense of some female Argentine supporters, who were sporting their team kits.

The reaction of the girls was hilarious, but one can’t help thinking how wicked the Mexican guys were.

However, the Argentines were rather full of themselves during their match with Bosnia and Herzegovina and even resorted to taunting the other team’s fans. They probably deserved a bit of trolling, but to be fair, the Lionel Messi-obsessed fans had every right to be proud of their team and hero.

Messi led his team valiantly in the match against Bosnia and Herzegovina and his goal was just the steam the Argentina needed to power itself to a 2-1 victory in its Group F opener at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday.

As Tim Vickery of BBC puts it, “Messi gave the crowd something to remember in Sunday’s game. It was Messi at his best, cutting in with the ball tied to his left foot, exchanging quick passes with Gonzalo Higuain and curling a shot in off the post.

Without a slight deflection off a Bosnian defender the ball would probably have gone just wide, but few would complain - apart from Bosnians, and some Brazilians.”

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