Football Players are Also Humans. This Photo Proves it

While the rest of the world is going on and on about Suarez, Ronaldo and Messi its Australia’s Mark Bresciano who’s won our hearts. Here’s why.

Moments before his team's World Cup match against Chile was about to start and all the players were getting ready, fidgeting, doing their before-the-game rituals. Australian midfielder Mark Bresciano’s gentle act of kindness won a million hearts.

Noticing that the shoelaces had come undone for one of the mascots Alan Beaumont, who was on crutches and unable to tie them himself; he casually bent down and tied them.

The touching gesture was captured on camera, went viral and the Aussie is being touted a hero.

He disagrees.

“It is always nice to have kids share that walk out because it is so special for them,” Bresciano later told Brisbane's Courier-Mail. "The boy was a little slow walking out and I noticed his shoelace undone so I did what any parent would do, any player for that matter, I just helped him out and tied it back up. I had no idea the photo had been sent around the world but I’m just glad the boy had a good time.”

Well, sorry Mr. Bresciano we disagree with your disagreement and we are sure Alan also feels the same.  Alan’s grandfather agrees with us, while adding that his grandson has become an almost celebrity.

Alan’s grandfather John Beaumont says the image was splashed across newspapers in Cuiaba, Brazil where Alan’s father is settled.

 “In Brazil, particularly in Cuiaba itself, it has made headlines all over the place,” he said. 

That settles it- Mark Bresciano is the real hero of World Cup 2014.

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