Fighting back! Girls Beat Molesters With Belts On Indian Bus

The men began harassing two sisters on a bus in India. The sisters didn't take it sitting down.

These pigs got what they deserved - a beating and an arrest.

On Friday afternoon, sisters, aged 19 and 20, boarded a bus in India.  Younger sister Pooja told BBC Hindi that a total of three young men participated in the public assault. 

"The men started to abuse me and touch me. I told them 'if you touch me again, you'll get beaten up," Pooja said.

The girls started shouting and hoped that other young passengers would come to their aid. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. So the sisters whipped off their belts and started flailing away. 

A passenger (who decided to just chill instead of help) captured the violent encounter on video that has now gone viral worldwide. 

Police in India reported that the three men have been arrested. Law enforcement officials are also considering taking action against the bus driver since he didn't pull over to stop the assault on the young women.

Not only was the assault horrible but the fact that none of the passengers helped is shocking. 

On Sunday, a former senior police officer who is now a social activist tweeted:

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