Filmmakers' Time Lapse Of The Night Sky Catches An Exploding Meteor

Talk about a lucky shot. Skygazers just love when they are in the right place at the right time to catch a meteor.

Amazing streaks of light across the night sky caused by tiny bits of dust and rock falling into the Earth's atmosphere and burning up.

So imagine the excitement when some celestial fans turned their cameras toward the sky for a time lapse shoot and cause a meteor exploding on film.

PermaGrin Films crews were in Santa Cruz, California, when they captured the amazing scene while they were shooting some time-lapse footage one night. The crew shot with 15-second exposure and saw the meteor in 50 frames, meaning the star dust fell for more than 12 minutes. It was absolutely breathtaking.

"We saw a huge bright flash in the sky. It even lit up the entire ground," a crew member said. "We looked up and saw a huge streak across the sky of burning dust."