Firefighters Take Selfie While 17 Die In Fire

Two Russian firefighters might be getting 'fired' themselves after taking a selfie on the job, while 17 people died in a fire.

Firefighters Take Selfie As 17 Die In Burning Building, May Lose JobsA massive fire broke out at a shopping center in Kazan, Russia, where Ilya Bykov and Rostislav Krylov decided to snap a selfie before attempting to save people's lives.

The photo was taken right in front of the building that burned down, killing and injuring more than 50 people. As you can see, both firefighters look like they are enjoying an ordinary day, without much concern for what was going on behind them. 

The photo stirred up a lot of emotions, as people wrote to the firefighters their feelings about what they did.

The selfie is now under investigation, and it is likely that the firefighters will face harsh consequences for what they did. 


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