First-Grader Trades His Christmas Presents For Gifts To The Homeless

This 6-year-old California boy is giving the lesson of kindness to everyone out there.

While most kids are excitedly waiting for Santa to deliver them a sackful of presents this Christmas, an inspirational 6-year-old in Bakersfield, California, is focused on making the holiday season joyous for the homeless in his town.

Alex Hovater is surely not like the rest of his peers. Given a choice between Christmas presents for himself or helping the homeless, this young one made a very grown-up choice.

These random acts of kindness apparently began when Alex saw a person sleeping under a bridge.

"He had a lot of questions," said Machelle Hovater, Alex's mother. "He wanted to know if that's where he lived."

The young boy was concerned about the cold weather and asked his parents if he could help the homeless man. 

"I was like, well it's getting close to Christmas, and it's going to be cold outside, so at least give them some snacks and water and a jacket before it freezes up," Alex told local news channel.

Since then, he’s been handing out care packages filled with jackets and necessities to people living on the streets.

The mother of the 6-year-old California boy hopes her son's generosity inspires this holiday season. She also plans on challenging five friends online to film their children giving gifts to people in need. She even created the hashtag #AlexGivingChallenge so that not just Alex's but everyone's kind act shows the world the real meaning of Christmas.

Watch the video above to see the first-grader giving the basic necessities to homeless people in his neighborhood. 

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