Alarming Anaconda Video Is Proof That Humans Cannot Respect Nature

Apparently not even giant carnivorous reptiles are safe from us.

If there is one thing the cult classic "Anaconda" taught us, it's that if you encounter the movie's titular reptile in real life, you run (or swim) or do anything to get out of there as fast as you can.

So when a bunch of tourists in Brazil stumbled upon the giant snake, their first instinct was to panic, scream and steer their boat away from it.

But the human race has a rather twisted lust for curiosity and general obnoxiousness. Just like in the movie, the tourists turned back and grabbed the peaceful anaconda's tail – just because they could.

Clearly not content with invading the creature's natural domain and disrupting its resting time, they then dragged it across the lake for no reason at all.

In short, they tried their best to incite the beast within the gentle creature. Perhaps, it should've become the anaconda of the movies to teach them a lesson.

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