If You Do The Crime, Do Your Time In One Of These 5-Star Prisons Around The World

Freedom is just so overrated when your prison pampers you with these ridiculous amenities.

Prison evokes images of crowded cells, shared washrooms, fear of assault and disgusting, watered-down food. Well, not for the inmates of these luxurious prisons that show how "going tough on criminals" now includes manicures and karaoke.

Pondok Bambu Prison, Indonesia

This cute, pink-themed place in Jakarta may look like a One Direction-obsessed teenage girl's room. It's not. It is actually the Pondok Bambu women's prison in Jakarta. Inmates take part in bead-making classes, rock karaoke nights and even get their nails done.

San Pedro Prison, Bolivia

This festive place in San Pedro is home to hundreds of prisoners and their families, who usually hang buntings and balloons in their community (because what better place to celebrate than a prison), chat with neighbors, share a smoke in the evening or hang out at one of the numerous cafes. Sometimes, when the thrill of being in a prison is not enough, the inmates snort cocaine. And it's legal.

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Her Majesty's Prison, Addiewell, Scotland

Her Majesty's Prison in Addiewell emphasizes rehabilitation and minimalist design. Prisoners are sentenced to colorful rooms, the lovely Scottish mornings and full-time jobs.

Suomenlinna Prison, Finland

We are not even sure if this stunning place bordering the sea even qualifies as a prison. There are no cells and absolutely no locked doors. Prisoners live in private rooms, and criminals roam freely on the island, sometimes lending a hand to the construction workers.

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Bastoy Prison, Norway

Perhaps the chillest prison on planet, Bastoy allows inmates to spend their sentence sunbathing, fishing and playing tennis. Nestled among the magnificent Norwegian mountains, the place is more like a picnic spot for rapists, murderers, the likes.

Champ-Dollon Prison, Switzerland

This country club dream prison is in Switzerland. $40 million was pumped in to make this place truly worthy of criminals, with comfy beds, tasteful decor and unobstructed views of the outer world.

Halden Prison, Norway

OK, we give up. The Halden Prison in Norway makes absolutely NO sense at all. It is probably nicer than most apartments we know, and practically buries college dorms when it comes to interior decor. The authorities have already spent close to a mill on artwork that dots the prison area. 

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