Flight Attendant Takes Ridiculous Photos

Why is it so hard for people to stop doing this ??

Flight attendant Ericka Paige Diehl

A flight attendant for Spirit airlines has taken some inappropriate photos on the tarmac of Chicago O'Hare airport that might get her into some trouble, according to ABC7 News.

No, they aren't nude photos or scandalous selfies, but they are photos that show the flight attendant doing something very dangerous-something that flight attendants should know very well not to do.

Flight attendant, spirit airlines, jet turbine, photo

The flight attendant was seen by passengers taking a photo with the jet engine turbine. The passengers were so shocked that they asked, probably sarcastically, if it was part of a new pre-flight protocol checklist.

The flight attendant wasn't just posing cutely in front of the turbine, she actually scrunched her body inside of it to get the shot.

Ericka Paige Diehl, jet turbine, spirit airlines, photo, flight attendant

One of the passengers tracked down the Facebook of the attendant after finding out her name, Ericka Paige Diehl. There, the passenger saw Diehl's profile picture to be none other than the one she took inside the turbine as the passengers watched.

What's worse, is that Diehl (and any other flight attendants), can't just go onto the tarmac without special permission. She wasn't even supposed to be there.

Although the photo was taken down, Diehl is being investigated, as well as the person who took the photo. Her actions were completely against the policy of the airline, and it is likely she could be fired for what she did.

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