Flight Grounded After Rat Is Spotted Aboard Airplane

An Air India plane was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing after a passenger claimed to have spotted a filthy rat.

What do you think is worse, snakes on a plane or rats?!

Well, one scenario is a fictional feature film starring American actor Samuel L. Jackson and the other just happened in real life. 

A “suspected rat sighting” forced an Air India plane carrying more than 200 passengers to turn around back to Mumbai nearly three hours into a flight to London, according to Yahoo News.

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Despite the fact that the presence of the vile creature wasn’t confirmed, the airline turned the plane around anyway for safety reasons.

"Air India gives utmost importance to safety. Our engineering team is investigating the incident," an airline statement reportedly said.

Other than being unsanitary and gross, rats pose a real threat to flight safety because they can chew through wires and possibly damage internal controls.

Yikes! What would you do if you were the unlucky passenger who crossed paths with the rodent?

People were likely perturbed that their flight was interrupted, but if one rat was spotted there were probably several others hidden around the plane. A derailed flight is a small price to pay to escape the threat of rabies or worse! 

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