Footage Of A Man Being Hugged By Huge Lions Goes Viral (VIDEO)

We have seen multiple Lion documentaries on Discovery and National Geographic but what we don’t often come across is the fact that these wild beasts can be affectionate as well and that too towards humans.

The above video which is totally getting viral on the internet features two huge lions affectionately hugging Kevin Richardson.

 Kevin is a self-trained animal behaviorist and lion whisperer who has his own unconventional ways of dealing with these huge wild creatures. Due to his unique methods, these wild animals have become extremely friendly with him.

You don’t really believe what you see in the video but it’s real. It seems that these wild creatures were extremely excited to see Kevin.

These lions reminded us of this GIF:

No matter how much these videos and GIFs try to prove that lions can also be loving, we hope everyone knows that these creatures are super dangerous and nobody will ever want to risk their lives while attempting such stunts.

Enjoy the video above.

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