Ford Puts A New Spin On Speed Dating In This Hilarious Prank

These men had no idea what this ‘blind date’ had in store for them.

First dates are bound to be awkward, and Ford doesn’t hold back from making them even more so in its new commercial stunt.

The car company set up a bunch of single, unsuspecting guys on a blind date with an attractive blonde at a coffee shop in Dallas, Texas. The dates are filmed through hidden cameras and perfectly capture the essence of first dates, where men brag about their “adventurous” and “thrilling” lifestyles while the woman acts interested in the conversation.

However, as the date nears its end, the woman offers her dates a ride in her 2015 Mustang GT which they all accept. She also makes it a point to inform them that she is not very good at driving manual transitions, which certainly gets some men worried while others get a chance to boast about their own driving skill.

Little did they know, their date was actually a professional driver.

The cameras hidden in the dashboard film the hilarious reactions from these men once the woman puts her skills on display. A look of concentration washes over her face as she enters an empty parking lot and BAM!

The car does some crazy power-slides and spins, leaving these men spellbound with excitement – and perhaps terror. At the end of the thrilling ride, the woman reveals her true identity.

Ford arranged this “Speed Dating” prank in line with Valentine’s Day.

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