Four Boys Save 75-Year-Old Woman From Going to Jail

A simple act of kindness from four brothers kept this woman from being arrested.

Gerry Suttle, a 75-year-old woman living in Texas, was issued an arrest warrant when she failed to respond to an ordinance regarding her lawn.

That’s right, she was almost arrested because of the height of her grass. The city of Riesel, Texas, said they sent her a notice asking her to appear before a judge because she violated an ordinance that states that the “growth of weeds and grass may not exceed 18 inches.” Ms. Suttle said that she never got the notice, and so she never responded.

When four boys, the Reynolds brothers, heard about Ms. Suttle’s impending arrest, they decided to help her out. They grabbed their lawn mowers and headed over, and other people in the community eventually pitched in, too. The boys’ small act of kindness is great to see, especially since they didn’t know Ms. Suttle at all.

"I really wouldn't want her coming out here and doing it or paying someone else to when we could have just done it for free," said Brandon Reynolds, according to Mashable

Instead of relaxing by the pool or getting some ice cream, these boys decided to help out an innocent member of the community on a hot summer day, and it certainly did everyone some good.

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