Sassy 4-Year-Old’s Response To A Boy Calling Her "Ugly" Is Just Brilliant

This adorable little girl is definitely going places.

Haters never stop hating, but this charming little girl has what it takes to shut them up for good.

In a video uploaded recently on YouTube, a 4-year-old shows the perfect way to respond when someone calls you unattractive or puts you down in any way. Her retort is so sassy and spot on, that people are definitely going to think twice before commenting on her appearance ever again.

In the video, recorded by a woman who is presumed to be the child’s mother, the girl explains how a boy in her school called her “ugly” and “bad.” Her response to him was a quick-witted “I didn’t come here to make fashion statements. I’m here to learn, not look pretty.”

Perhaps the only thing that could have made it any better was if she had snapped her fingers like the boss that she definitely is.

Watch more of this exchange in the video posted above.

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