YouTube Prankster Does It Again: Mortal Kombat In An Elevator Part 2

You know you’re going to miss Mortal Kombat when you see this – and have a good laugh too!

Back in September, the Internet LOL'd when a YouTube user, Fousey Tube, uploaded his elevator prank video. Now, he's back with a sequel – and unlike Hollywood sequels (or the Mortal Kombat movies themselves), this one doesn’t fail to impress.

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His prank revolves around dressing up like a Mortal Kombat character, pretending to fight strangers in an elevator. He never actually hits them and only intends to scare them. He even makes use of mood music – which is way better than what most elevators play these days.

His last video, in which he dressed up as Sub Zero, amassed 27 million hits. This time around, our favorite prankster dons Raiden, the Thunder God, for his persona. People’s reactions are still hilarious – the best of which is the woman who can’t stop laughing while he tries so hard to scare her. Honorable mention goes to the guy who used his girlfriend as a shield.

Maybe next time around he’ll be Johnny Cage. Or even better – Lui Kang (he’d have to nail that Lui Kang phrase if he intends to kick).

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