Fox Reporter Hits ‘Trick Shot Titus’ Toddler In Face With A Basketball (VIDEO)

So, who spoiled the perfect day of a 2-year-old? No one else but ‘Fox and friends’ host Brian Kilmeade.

Kilmeade hit ‘Trick Shot Titus’ a two-year old internet star in the face with a toy basketball, making him cry on television.

Titus is known for his amazing ability to hit baskets with a mini basketball. He appeared on the show to display his shooting skills. The little champ was on fire, hitting shot after shot until Kilmeade tried to pass him the ball and accidentally hit him in the face instead. The poor little kid was in tears in no time.

"I don't believe it,"Kilmeade said with a worried smile. "Sorry."

Well, he should’ve been careful while playing with a 2-year-old but it wasn’t also intentional or something, so we can’t entirely blame Kilmeade as well.

Later in the show, the kid appeared fine on the show with the host.

Check out the video above.

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