Watch The Shocking Moment A Cargo Train Crashed Into A Car In Louisville, Kentucky

Warning: Some may find the contents of this video disturbing.

Two people died while two others are in critical condition after a freight train collided with a car in Louisville, Kentucky.

The accident occurred when a Toyota sedan entered a train crossing and attempted to cross the tracks despite the blaring alarms and flashing lights that signals the approaching train.

The video posted above captures the exact moment when the speeding vehicle was hit by the train on the tracks. The alarms are heard loud and clear; however, no barriers are seen near the intersection.

The crash happened at Crawford Lane and Buechel Avenue.

The four passengers traveling in the ill-fated car were reportedly students in the Jefferson County Public School district. They were all Bhutanese refugees, who were known players on the area's soccer team.

An alternate view of the horrific accident is also available, as two train enthusiasts were recording footage of the passing Norfolk Southern train when the crash happened.

Watch the video posted below to watch the crash from another angle.

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