This Artist's Insane Juggling Could Hypnotize You

This French creates an optical illusion with nothing but four rings.

The art of juggling used to be an amazing trick back in the day, but it has lost its charm. No more is it exciting to see even a highly skilled juggler manipulating multiple objects, and that's because that form of artistry has failed to catch up on modern times.

But then there is this juggler named Lindzee Poi from France who is threatening to completely reinvent this dying art form for us.

In his new video, he createsAmelymeloptical Illusionwith the help of four unconnected rings. His crazy skills coupled with the soothing 'Comptine d’un Autre Ete' music playing in the background make this entire two-minute experience hypnotic.

By the end of the video clip, one can't help but admire this very talented Frenchman's juggling skills. Check it out up top.

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