Here Are 5 Of The Creepiest Places In The United States

The U.S. spots will leave you too scared to sleep.

Have a taste for things that go boom in the night? Why don’t you pack your bags and visit one of these creepy places in the United States and put your mettle to test? Every slasher/haunted house movie has taught us to resist, but you know you want to!

Willard Asylum, New York

There is NOTHING creepier than an abandoned mental asylum. Think about it: hundreds of people troubled with hallucinations and inhuman urges locked together in the same building. Who know how many of these supposed psychiatric cases were not possessions? Willard’s Asylum remained functional for over a hundred years and closed by the end of the 20th century. Over half of the 50,000 mentally unfit patients who dwelled here are said to have ended up in its morgue.

West Virginia State Penitentiary

This humongous Gothic structure spent more than a century containing the echoes of prisoners being executed by hanging or getting the electric chair. Terror reeks in every nook and corner of the construction as people believe vengeful and miserable spirits of the tormented still haven’t left the nefarious place.

St. Louis Cemetery

Let’s admit it – cemeteries are scary as it is. There is nothing even remotely inviting about a piece of land with hundreds of parted souls latched onto it. This cemetery, however, has an extra kick: The graves of the voodoo Queen Mary Laveau and her daughter are there. Mary Laveau, together with her girl, spent her life creating charms and potions for everlasting youth and glimpses into the future.

The Stanley Hotel

Think about this: The Shining is definitely one of the scariest horror movies, and the Stanley Hotel is supposedly the inspiration behind it. A housekeeper at the hotel, Ms. Elizabeth Wilson, lost the ability to walk after an electrical accident at the hotel. Despite it being decades since her death, she’s still seen taking care of guests in room 217.

Clinton Road

A 10-mile stretch in West Milford, New Jersey, Clinton Road will make you want to make a run of it. All through the drive people see strangely dressed wanderers, satanic rituals taking place and even seemingly real trucks that pursue them. However, the scariest feature of the road is the Ghost Boy Bridge, where a small boy lures drivers into the water and never lets them go.

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