From Brides To Flower Girls This Double Wedding Is All Identical Twins

You have to see this to believe it! It finally happened!

Be honest with yourself. Whenever you see a set of identical twins part of you thinks, "wouldn't it be cool if those two both married another set of identical twins?" 

Well, that day has finally come in a big way. 

identical twins

The brides are twins

Reema and Reena and those grooms are twin IT professionals Dilraj and Dilker. No, that image is not photo shopped. These twins are absolutely identical!

That's delightful in and of itself, but wait there's more! 

identical twins

Not only are the brides and grooms identical twins, so are the priests, the flower girls, and the ring bearers! This wedding is a veritable cornucopia of twin talents! 

Still want more? Well, then check out the video below! 


Two extraordinary Indian Catholic wedding in kerala , where the bridegrooms are twins, brides are twins the flower girls are twins the page boys are twins and even the priests who solemnised these weddings are twins too. No doubt these two brides would deliver twin babies too.

Posted by Alphonse Pio on Thursday, November 12, 2015


Wishing these two happy couples two long and very happy lives together! 

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