13 Dads Who Mastered The Art Of Taking Selfies

Dads, you’re doing it right! Just some cool dads trying to explore the world of selfies.

#1: The shower selfie:

It was his first attempt. Not bad.

#2: The daughter’s engagement selfie:

Daughter’s getting engaged, but he just can’t resist it.

#3: Post-morning walk selfie:

Is it Canada? Probably.

#4: Dad trying to find out the best spots for taking selfies:

He’s addicted.

#5: The 65th birthday selfie:

Say cheese!

#6: The infinite dad sefies:

He almost grasped the concept. Almost.

#7: Duckface gone wrong?

His kid sounds a little worried.

#8: The brand new firepit selfie:

Because, it’s important.

#9: Definitely his first selfie:


#10: The post-op selfie:

He got his tooth pulled out and decided to surprise his kid.

#11: Almost nailed it:

71-year-old tries to take an “artsy” selfie.

#12: Not a bad attempt:

He got it!

#13: And the Christmas selfie:

Because, why not.

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