This Is No Trick. These People Need To Be Stopped On Halloween.

These people shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate Halloween. They just should not.

Halloween is fast approaching which means it’s “trick or treat” time. But before you put a knife to that pumpkin, here are some people you need to watch out for.

They may not realize it but they are ruining the celebration for a lot of people around them. Have a look.

#1: These parents who thought dressing up their kids as Jersey Shore cast members was a good idea.


#2: As well as the parents of this kid.


#3: The owner of this poor, poor dog. This is just – cruel.


#4: So is this.

#5: The manufacturers of this “bloody heart” who really need to revise their primary school general science class.

#6: This buyer of these pumpkins.

#7: And whoever thought this could be a real product.

#8: This professor of Physics who is trying too hard.

#9: The people who thought this would be a good idea.


#10: And finally, this kid overdosing on candy.

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