10 People Who Need To Be Stopped On Labor Day

September 1, 2014: Do not celebrate Labor Day like these people.

Labor Day is here, which means it’s time for celebrations, fireworks and barbeque parties.

But before you light that grill, here are some people you need to watch out for. They may not realize it but they are doing things the wrong way. 

Stop these people before they ruin your entire weekend.

#1: Firework Idiots:

Labor Day

These people accidentally shot a firework into their box of OTHER fireworks.

#2: Awkward Theme Party People:

Labor Day

How about a video game-themed party? No thank you.

#3: DIY Pinterest Bakers:

Labor Day

Whoever made this cake needs to understand that this has to stop.

#4: Google Team For Lousy Doodles:

Labor Day

Not much “labor” was put into this doodle, eh?

#5: BBQ Amateurs:

Labor Day

Whoever thought this would be funny is an idiot.

#6: Drunk Fighters:

Labor Day

This man who is getting wasted. Literally.

#7: Gross Bong Smokers:

Labor Day

Bong on Labor Day? No problem. But this guy seriously needs to clean that equipment.

#8: And Weed Smokers:

Labor Day

#9: The Outfit Patriots:

Labor Day

The hearts of these people are in a good place but the American flag clearly isn’t.

#10: And of course everyone who has no idea what Fourth of July actually means:

Remember: Fourth of July, Veterans Day and Labor Day are three separate days.

Labor Day

Labor Day

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