Funny Parody of New iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S (VIDEO)

Apple wants to get us hooked on their products. Every time some new gadget comes out, people start going crazy and everyone wishes they could get their hands on the new Apple gadget. This time around, Apple’s new iPhone 5S and the cheaper $99 variety of iPhone 5C is what has all the Apple fans hooked on. So much so that the previous iPhone 5 is now being criticized by many for lack of innovations in technology and design! Yes, you read that correctly.
So what does this new iPhone has the previous ones didn’t? YouTube star David So tell us everything about it by creating a parody video of an actual iPhone advert.
Check out the video above let us know what you feel about the iPhone 5S and 5C parody, because it sure had us laughing our guts out!

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