Weird Guy Tries To Eavesdrop On Putin And Obama – Fails Miserably

So, who is this mystery guy of the G20 summit? An unknown man was caught on camera trying to eavesdrop at the world leaders’ conference in Turkey.

From cats taking the center stage to a budding “Johnny English,” this G20 summit has seen it all.

While the United States’ President Barack Obama is busy in a conversation huddle with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, observe how a man attempts to snoop on them.

In a video posted by Russia Today, a man can be seen clearly, slowly arriving to the spot where the two presidents are sitting with their aides.

What is interesting to see is how he makes a long eye contact with the camera whilst attempting to eavesdrop. Nobody seems to know who he is, or what brought him there.

But there is one thing we know for sure, the man has no future as a “secret” agent.

G20 Summit Turkey

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