Mouthy Tourist Challenges Gaston, Immediately Gets Stomped By Disney Brute

No one plots like Gaston, takes cheap shots like Gaston, plans to persecute harmless crackpots like Gaston!

How strong is the average man compared to a Disney character?

Somebody at Disneyland had the silly idea to challenge one of the leading men from Beauty and the Beast to a push-up challenge. Either in an act of courage or plain silliness, the visitor chose none other than the brawny tub of muscle named Gaston.  

Maybe he never watched the Disney classic. If he did, he’d know that there’s no one like Gaston, “for there's no one as burly and brawny” and he’s “got biceps to spare.”

What was this guy thinking? This is Gaston! He lives on raw eggs and collects antlers. Of course you can’t beat him at his own game. He can’t get the girl but the man knows how to do push-ups.

Perhaps the man was trying to get his two seconds of fame after another video of a little girl challenging Gaston went viral. The only difference is, she still reigns supreme.

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