This Boy Got A Mind Blowing Surprise From Gatorade

Now that’s brand loyalty paying you back!

Here’s how the story goes…Brody Smith’s brother had a huge Gatorade bottle collection taking up way too much space in the house. Keeping them was a constant bottle between him and his mother till one day his mother won and out went all the bottles.

Why? Well, his mother was sick of all of those old bottles taking up her precious counter space. It was a sad day for the Smith family, a very funny one for the internet, and the perfect marketing opportunity for Gatorade.

It was a sad day indeed and the poor fellow was inconsolable. His brother shared his story online and before long it came to Gatorade’s attention as well.

Impressed by the fan following and somewhat touched by the story; they decided to gift their loyal consumer something- a huge collection of Gatorade with a special label to show off how much Brotein was in each bottle.

Now isn’t that something?
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