A Woman's Love Affair With Her Backpack Is The Talk Of Instagram

Sometimes, a bag is enough to start a happy, loving relationship.

Genevieve Blau

There are all sorts of unlikely couples in our crazy world but this one takes the cake. Meet Genevieve Blau who is currently dating her Jansport backpack and loving every moment of this strange human-to-bag relationship.

Genevieve Blau is dating her Jansport

It's unclear what led Blau to abandon her search for a conventional beau, but it all began earlier this month when she started posting pictures of herself with her new love interest on Instagram.

Paired with the hashtag #JansportDate, her pictures soon went viral and earned her more than a thousand new followers on the photo-sharing platform. People were amused at Blau posted pictures of herself posing with her bag unlike most girls who share pics with their boyfriends.

Genevieve Blau dating her Jansport on Instagram

So far in this month-long affair, Blau and her bag have had candle light dinners, slept together and done a bunch of stuff that lovebirds do. She has proved that her lover's lack of a human body will not hold them back from having fun.

Genevieve Blau

Following the interest and free publicity that her shenanigan has generated, Jansport has decided to reward the two lovers by sponsoring an international trip for the both of them.

A New York woman is 'dating' her rucksack on Instagram

What a fun trip that would be.

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