Rampaging Hippo Gives Tourists A True Taste Of Africa's Wild Side

Well, this makes for a great African adventure! A real African safari best demonstrates what it’s like to be in the wild.

And for better or worse, that is exactly what happened to the tourists who were with Malawian Style Safari and Adventure Holidays when a hippopotamus made a freak guest appearance.

While cruising on a speedboat in Kafue National Park in Zambia, one tourist named Michael Vardell managed to capture everything that happened on video.

Sneaking up from underwater, sans the thrilling shark music that would come if this were a scene from Jaws, a gigantic hippo started to stalk the boat. While it's well-known these creatures like to mess around in water, given their size, anybody would be surprised to see a giant hippo racing with a speed boat!

Who knew those guys could swim that fast? Thankfully, everyone lived to tell the thrilling tale.

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Fun fact: It's hippos, not lions or any of the other big cats, that are the deadliest animal in Africa.

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