Does This Airport Runaway Seriously Overlap A Busy Road?

Watch out for airplanes before you cross THIS road.

Railroad crossings are a common sight in any urban setting, but have you ever seen an airplane-road crossing? Chances are that you have not, because runways are almost always enclosed within an airport.

The only exception is Gibraltar, where its only airport didn't have room for a full runaway, so they built one that intersects one of its busiest roads. And now, whenever an international flight has to land or a local one has to take off, the entire road is closed off and people have to wait, just like it (used to) happen at railway crossings.

Land is actually an extremely rare commodity in this British territory of 6.8 square kilometers. In 2007, plans were made to construct an underground tunnel so that road traffic on Winston Churchill Avenue would remain unaffected by air traffic. But so far nothing has come of those plans, and Gibraltarians are forced to live with this urban anomaly.

A few years ago, the History Channel ranked Gibraltar International Airport fifth on its list of most extreme airports in the world.

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