Girl Escapes Death By Inches While Trying To Retrieve Her Cell Phone From Train Tracks (VIDEO)

This is so freaky!

The Brazilian girl in the above video is probably the luckiest girl in the entire world. She escaped one of the most dreadful deaths and the entire scene is also captured on camera.

The girl jumped on the railway tracks of Corinthians-Itaquera subway station trying to pick up her mobile phone exactly when the train was approaching towards her in full speed!.

Luckily security guard came to rescue and got her out of the tracks just micro seconds before the train crossed them and she literally escaped her death by inches.

Hopefully she has got her lesson and for the rest of you out there... please understand that risking life for the sake of your cell phone, or for getting a picture, or ANYTHING is just stupid.

Check out the how the security guard saved the girl in the video above.

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