Girl Gets Fired On Twitter Before She Even Starts Working

Girl sends rude tweet saying she wasn't excited for her new job, so her boss fires her before she even has the chance to come in.

A woman from Mansfield, Texas is becoming famous world over because she got fired over Twitter.

She goes by the Twitter handle @Cellla_ and tweeted this before her first day at a new job:

Woman gets fired on Twitter after cursing about her new job

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Unfortunately for her, her future boss @Robertwaple saw it and responded:

Young woman fired over Twitter before starting job

In response, she sent these tweets.

Texas girl fired on Twitter

@Cellla’s story started getting heard all over the world, with people saying she was famous in places like Saudi Arabia, Holland, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Belgium, and France.

While there were some messages of support, calling out the manager for being unprofessional, others supported the manager’s decision.

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Most of the tweets supporting @Cellla appear to me like they are just highly entertained by the situation, rather than actually taking a moral stance.  @Cellla_’s responses come off as extremely entitled. The support she is getting through people who just want a quick laugh out of it enables this entitled thinking.

I mean, imagine that you hired someone and they publicly said they couldn’t give a s*** about working for your business. I wouldn’t want that employee working for me either. Call me old fashioned, but this is exactly how I feel.

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