Girl Gets Over Arachnophobia By Letting Pet Tarantula Sit On Her Face

Patty Clark
This girl uses an unconventional method to get over her fears.

Cassandra Tainsh

Ron Weasleys of the world – you may not want to look at these photos of Cassandra Tainsh getting up close and personal with her pet tarantula. Tainsh used to suffer from arachnophobia, the fear of spiders, but got over it by letting one sit on her face.

She said she decided to overcome her fear when “I went to a local garden center and there was an animal charity there that gave people the chance to handle a tarantula. I thought if I got one of my own, maybe I could overcome my fear.”


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Cassandra Tainsh Spider girl

Not only does she keep this Chilean red tarantula as a buddy, she also dresses it in cute dresses and has given it a little miniature home, complete with mini TV, table and chairs.

pet tarantula

Cassandra Tainsh Photography

Cassandra Tainsh spiders

Tainsh has given her pet spider the name Pandora, and has gotten six other spiders as well.

“Pandora is still pretty much the one who’s in charge. A lot of my friends were freaked out at first but after a while they all started asking what she was up to. That’s why I started doing things like dressing her up and getting her furniture, just to take pictures for a bit of fun.”

Arachnophobe fights fear of spiders by getting pet

Tainsh said she hopes her images helps other people get over their fears, as she’s gotten an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from her photos.

“A lot of people have said they used to be afraid like I was, but the pictures I’ve taken have made them laugh and made spiders seem much less scary.” 

Arachnophobe Fights Fear By Getting Pet Tarantula


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