Dad Hilariously Video Bombs Daughter Singing Let It Go

Let it Go from Frozen is one song that everyone is singing these days. We don’t know if the video was staged or not, but we still think it’s one fantastic video bomb by a very cool dad – although the daughter might not feel that way!

We’ve heard of photobombs, but this video is likely to put the term video bomb on the horizon!

Danielle Luallen was singing the classic from Frozen, Let it Go when her father decided to video bomb her. He sneaked behind on the snowy terrain where his daughter was trying her best to both sing as well as add in some element of the great movie Frozen and lip dubbed the entire thing. It really is ridiculous as well as cute.

While there’s a general debate going on around whether the video is staged or not, we think that it’s entertaining enough and watchable nonetheless.

Dad’s passionate performance from the background makes this a must watch rendition. Check out above how a dad video bombs his daughter singing Let It Go.

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