Girlfriend Dumps Drink On Boyfriend After Being Rejected On Kiss Cam (VIDEOS)

Everyone loves the kiss cam at the big game. Only boring people might not enjoy it and when you are  ignoring towards your girlfriend, you face the consequences as well.

Almost everyone is excited about appearing on the jumbo-tron. They cheer, they smile, they blush and they kiss but the above video features a busy boyfriend who wasn’t really excited about being appearing on the Fresno Grizzlies kiss cam or probably he was not excited about the game in general. He was too busy on the phone!

The camera spotted various couples who kissed each other but this couple was a little different from the rest. They girl was first excited and then she was all annoyed and everyone in the viewers could sense that. Eventually they witness  one of the most hilarious moments of the history.

The guy rejected to kiss her not just once but thrice on the kiss cam and then the girlfriend responded in a way that he totally deserved. She dumped her cola on her boyfriend in front of the entire stadium and walked away. The shocked expression on the guys face is something to look at again and again.

So, guys just be careful next time, you can’t in fact you ABSOLUTELY can’t ignore your girlfriend like this. Not everyone is lucky enough like the guy who refused to give his ice cream to his girlfriend.

Enjoy the video above.

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