Girlfriend Rejects Boyfriend's Proposal In Front Of An Entire Baseball Stadium (Video)


Usually girls dream of romantic and larger than life proposals but the one in the above video was a little different!

Jessica said no to her boyfriend, David’s proposal at the New Britain Rock Cats minor league game in Connecticut last week in front of an entire baseball stadium!

The announcer passed the microphone to David while the couple was on the field answering questions.

'Will you marry me Jessica?' he asked. Jessica, who looked totally shocked, replied: and she ran away as the announcer laughed.

'Sorry, I don't mean to laugh David, I don't think we've ever had this happen before,' he said.

The poor guy also ran out after embarrassing himself in front of the entire stadium. This was equally surprising and shocking for the poor guy and even those who witnessed it.

It’s a lesson for all you guys out there make sure before planning an extravagant proposal that your girlfriend is sure about you because may be she’s not that into you!

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