Girl's Love Poster Actually Worked

What would you do to find love? This girl went pretty far.

It might have been love at first sight for a Scottish girl living in New Zealand.

When Sarah Milne was backpacking through New Zealand, she went to the beach in Picton, where she spotted a man she found very attractive.

The man was jogging shirtless with his dog, when Milne's eyes fell upon him. She thought that he may have noticed her, too. Milne really was interested in this guy, and she made sure to give herself a second chance at meeting him.

Milne wrote a beautiful poster, describing the man she saw:

Mystery man tracked down by beach love note

As you can see in the sign Milne made, she was very forward about the man she wanted to see once again.

The mystery man, who turned out to be William Scott Chalmers, turned out to see the sign, and took up the offer.

Mr Chalmers met Milne

Just after 2PM, he greeted Milne with some champagne, and asked her to go out on a date.

The sign Milne wrote captured a lot of attention, and well, it is just an adorable  story.

Although we don't know what the future will hold for these two, hopefully their story will inspire others to take that extra step and go after that person they saw walking on the street, on the subway, or some other random place.

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