#GiveBenAJob Goes Viral Giving Man With Down Syndrome Solid Job Offers

Ben's step mother tweeted out that her son deserved a job, and twitterverse agreed.

A mother's plea to get her son with down syndrome a job has gone viral, and now that son, Ben Small, has several offers to choose from.

It started when @FleaBagLady tweeted this:



About one in five people with down syndrome have jobs. Many assume the diagnosis as a sentence that prohibits them from being productive members of society, but that just isn't the case. 

Although many with down syndrome are able to develop valuable job skills, it's hard to find employers that will not only offer jobs, but also provide decent wages, and that's one of the many things that Ben's mom worries about. 

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Shortly after, a well known comedian with over 25,000 followers reposted her plea, helping the movement go viral.


And thankfully, the people of Liverpool have responded. Several have asked for Ben's resume, and three others have piqued their family's attention.

Her mother told ITV News that "we have also had three really positive responses from people ready to meet him ASAP with a view to offering work."

The whole family is excited about what this viral sensation will do for Ben's long term job prospects. His father said, "Hopefully it will lead to Ben getting work and proving his worth to everyone." 

Ben's step mother has been tweeting out updates about his job hunt.

This is the amazing power of the internet. 

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