Russia's Dreamy Commander Adds Fuel To The Fiery Hot Battle In Ukraine

The Russian-Ukraine saga just got even hotter! Thirty-four-year-old Givi or Mikhail Tolstykh (his real name) hails from Ilovaisk, Ukraine, and worked at a local factory before joining the pro-Russian rebels in Donetsk, Ukraine.

Now, however, he is a local hero -- a brave soldier who's a heartbreaker and a liberal dash of bravery with a devil-may-care attitude: a deadly combination indeed.



Now isn’t that a sight!

Givi’s battalion is fighting for a “New Russia” as part of the Donetsk People’s Republic in Ukraine.

Check Out: Meet The Russian Guy Who Bought A Military Tank On A WhimThere may be a war waging and troops attacking each other like there is no tomorrow, but the hype the lethally charismatic commander has created booms louder than any explosions.

Graham Phillips, a British journalist, recently spent an entire day with Givi and got the dig on him. The treat he is doesn’t even begin to compare to his bravado which is very apparent as he let the journo tag along and not only gave him an interview BUT ALSO HIS NUMBER. This took place, as rockets and bullets flew around him.

And he is super chill about his fan following as well. Graham Phillips told Givi, “I’ve received lots of messages from girls who want to meet you and say hi to you. How do you feel about that?” His reply was, “I feel fine about it. What’s wrong if people want to communicate?”

“How should girls communicate with you? Can I tell them your phone number?” asked Phillips.

“Of course, tell them my number,” came the casually suave reply.

Though Givi needed no prompting, Phillips tried to push a bit more with added flattery: “Girls pray for you, worry about you, want to marry you.”

“Listen and memorize my number,” came the reply followed by the number itself.

Find it a bit too gooey to be true?

Check it out for yourself:

Removing the super-fan tinted glasses and taking a deep calming breath, the whole package presents a nicely beefed up parcel of pro-Russian propaganda. Keep in mind the extensive coverage the hunk is given by the pro-Russian groups, and it seems a likely possibility.

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