Glow sticks Are Kind Of Cool – But Don’t Microwave Them, Jack.

This is what happens when you mess around with a glow stick, a microwave and no protective gear.

Jack was playing with those awesome glow sticks when he had a brilliant idea – let's see what happens when one is microwaved.

Unfortunately, Jack’s experiment ended up exploding onto his face, his eyes and all over his “awesome” shirt.

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To add insult to injury, he was barely in the video he attempted to turn into a YouTube science project, which has since been shared by his brother. Most of the video demonstrates his dad’s patience wearing thin as he received a lecture for his apparently recurring antics that often result in some kind of catastrophe.

He even said sorry to his dad for all the ruckus. But his dad was having none of it: “I'm sure you're sorry, Jack. You're always sorry after.”

Poor Jack.

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