Meet This Amazing Goalkeeping Cat Who Is Manuel Neuer Of The Feline World

This goalie has cat-like reflexes ... because she is an actual cat.

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World Cup winner Manuel Neuer is widely regarded as the best goalkeeper in the world right now. But even the big German's shot stopping is second to a cat who has found fame on the Internet, all thanks to her stunning diving save.

Unearthed by 101 Great Goals, this unnamed cat's fantastic save of his owner's kick has been making the rounds. Some pet owners have tried to make their pets showcase similar goalkeeping ability, but they did it by kicking the ball straight at the animal's body.

This cat, however, made as genuine a save as you will ever see. Despite almost no reaction time, she correctly guessed where the ball was going, went airborne before pawing the ball away. See for yourself:

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